Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Blank Canvas

Here is our living room. The high ceilings give it a great sense of space and light, which is good as this room is south facing.
This week we have had the electrician come in and change all of the light fittings and fans for a much more stylish finish. (pics to come)
We are in the process of washing down the walls and ripping up the edge of the carpet so the painters can come in on Wednesday and start transforming that baby blue.
A few landscaping issues have been a set back. The garden slopes into the house and with the torrential rain we have had in the past few weeks we are getting water sitting up against the house, which is definitely not good! Adam and I are going to get out there this morning (in wellies and raincoats) with some sand and shovels to try to build a bank and redirect the run-off. These are the joys of home ownership aren't they?

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