Tuesday, October 19, 2010


With painters and plumbers busy at our house this week, it will be no time at all before we get to move in and enjoy it for ourselves. Over the weekend Adam and I had to dig trenches because of ineffective drainage in the garden and the pipes were poorly laid originally.

We have come out the other side of that now and the dirt is back in the holes where it belongs and we are ready to do some landscaping to tidy up a pretty ordinary space. I have big dreams for the garden, but alas big dreams cost big bucks so I think we will make do for a while and wait for stage two to complete the outdoor area.

Inside I am pleased to report that the walls are now white! Gone is the baby blue... thank you Perfetto Painters! Two coats done and two more to go, it should be sparkling by Friday.

Our new chairs have arrived from here.
I have ordered our new table from here.

Together I think they will look great! Will have piccs up asap.

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