Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hazell Time

Rachy with Harry and Michael
Harry and Patrick 'fixing' the hose with Amelia watching on in amusement. 
On the back deck with Rach and Jen. Just like 'old times'.
A perfect Saturday . I know it's not spring yet but the weather yesterday was stunning and a visit from my dearest friends made for a wonderful start to our weekend. I can feel the winter blues lifting as I write this with the warm sun on my back. Trip to Melbourne next weekend might cause a slight relapse, but then again Melbourne's food, culture and shops might just be enough to keep the blues at bay.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Back from a long hiatus!

Well, I'm back blogging for anyone out there who possibly even noticed I was missing (unlikely). We moved in October and didn't have internet access at home and no time for this frivolity at work. However, we now have a pocket wifi -can you believe we cannot get broadband at home? We live in a six year-old estate on the Gold Coast and don't have Broadband!! Primitive!

Anyway, I'm not here to rant, although it is always an option. I am here to ponder the many beautiful things around me. On the HOME front we have been busy decorating our cute little house on the lake. I have some more recent shots to come but here is the preliminary version of the lounge room and part of the living room. Since these shots were taken we've added white shutters to the front windows which definitely creates a real sense of cosy charm. Still need a lamp in the corner for some ambient lighting.

On the BOOK level, I've recently read two really fascinating and different novels. the first Problemski Hotel by Dimitri Verhulst. It's a strange little novel about an immigration detention center in Belgium. At times I felt that the author was using vulgarities purely for shock value and for me it detracted from what could have been a significant work in dispelling many myths about asylum seekers and the desperate acts some will go to for freedom.

I'll touch on the second novel Gone by Jennifer Mills in my next post.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Interior Design Style Quiz

I just found a link to this interior design style quiz and it is a bit of fun, though I'm not sure about the results but a cute magazine cover with my name on it at the end is worth a bit of playing.


With painters and plumbers busy at our house this week, it will be no time at all before we get to move in and enjoy it for ourselves. Over the weekend Adam and I had to dig trenches because of ineffective drainage in the garden and the pipes were poorly laid originally.

We have come out the other side of that now and the dirt is back in the holes where it belongs and we are ready to do some landscaping to tidy up a pretty ordinary space. I have big dreams for the garden, but alas big dreams cost big bucks so I think we will make do for a while and wait for stage two to complete the outdoor area.

Inside I am pleased to report that the walls are now white! Gone is the baby blue... thank you Perfetto Painters! Two coats done and two more to go, it should be sparkling by Friday.

Our new chairs have arrived from here.
I have ordered our new table from here.

Together I think they will look great! Will have piccs up asap.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Blank Canvas

Here is our living room. The high ceilings give it a great sense of space and light, which is good as this room is south facing.
This week we have had the electrician come in and change all of the light fittings and fans for a much more stylish finish. (pics to come)
We are in the process of washing down the walls and ripping up the edge of the carpet so the painters can come in on Wednesday and start transforming that baby blue.
A few landscaping issues have been a set back. The garden slopes into the house and with the torrential rain we have had in the past few weeks we are getting water sitting up against the house, which is definitely not good! Adam and I are going to get out there this morning (in wellies and raincoats) with some sand and shovels to try to build a bank and redirect the run-off. These are the joys of home ownership aren't they?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finally our new home... (sadly this picture is NOT our home)

Before we were married, before we were even engaged, we bought a little house together, a symbol of commitment. Bricks and mortar the solid foundation to our relationship. We agonised over it, we bartered and haggled to get it for a good price, we got in there and cleaned the grime off the walls and floors. We got our baby looking good and then we rented her out... for eighteen months! The pain of letting strangers take possession of our little nest overwhelmed me, I wanted to be in there. I used to take a detour home once a week. I would bring the car to a crawl and peer in at the front room to imagine myself in my home. Surprisingly, I was never charged with stalking!

Now the time has come, our tenants move out today and we take possession once again of our home. I have been mentally decorating and furnishing that house for the best part of two years, now the time has come to put it all together and I'm starting to panic. What if my "modern classic" image doesn't come together, what if I actually have no styling ability and it just looks like a try hard attempt. What if, what if, what if.....

Breathe, I have put a little pressure on myself because I really want to get it right. I want to surround us with beauty and comfort that tells our story (within the budget we can afford). A tall orderI think!

So stay tuned as I bring updates of the transformation to this blog. Painting, floor coverings and light fittings to start next week. Pictures of our actual house to follow!