Monday, April 18, 2011

Back from a long hiatus!

Well, I'm back blogging for anyone out there who possibly even noticed I was missing (unlikely). We moved in October and didn't have internet access at home and no time for this frivolity at work. However, we now have a pocket wifi -can you believe we cannot get broadband at home? We live in a six year-old estate on the Gold Coast and don't have Broadband!! Primitive!

Anyway, I'm not here to rant, although it is always an option. I am here to ponder the many beautiful things around me. On the HOME front we have been busy decorating our cute little house on the lake. I have some more recent shots to come but here is the preliminary version of the lounge room and part of the living room. Since these shots were taken we've added white shutters to the front windows which definitely creates a real sense of cosy charm. Still need a lamp in the corner for some ambient lighting.

On the BOOK level, I've recently read two really fascinating and different novels. the first Problemski Hotel by Dimitri Verhulst. It's a strange little novel about an immigration detention center in Belgium. At times I felt that the author was using vulgarities purely for shock value and for me it detracted from what could have been a significant work in dispelling many myths about asylum seekers and the desperate acts some will go to for freedom.

I'll touch on the second novel Gone by Jennifer Mills in my next post.

Stay tuned...