Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finally our new home... (sadly this picture is NOT our home)

Before we were married, before we were even engaged, we bought a little house together, a symbol of commitment. Bricks and mortar the solid foundation to our relationship. We agonised over it, we bartered and haggled to get it for a good price, we got in there and cleaned the grime off the walls and floors. We got our baby looking good and then we rented her out... for eighteen months! The pain of letting strangers take possession of our little nest overwhelmed me, I wanted to be in there. I used to take a detour home once a week. I would bring the car to a crawl and peer in at the front room to imagine myself in my home. Surprisingly, I was never charged with stalking!

Now the time has come, our tenants move out today and we take possession once again of our home. I have been mentally decorating and furnishing that house for the best part of two years, now the time has come to put it all together and I'm starting to panic. What if my "modern classic" image doesn't come together, what if I actually have no styling ability and it just looks like a try hard attempt. What if, what if, what if.....

Breathe, I have put a little pressure on myself because I really want to get it right. I want to surround us with beauty and comfort that tells our story (within the budget we can afford). A tall orderI think!

So stay tuned as I bring updates of the transformation to this blog. Painting, floor coverings and light fittings to start next week. Pictures of our actual house to follow!


  1. It WILL be beautiful. You have a good eye & the most important above all is that it will be a 'home'. Your guests will always feel that when they walk into your abode a sense of commitment & warmth as well as magazine style! Don't panic, all will come together BUT, and there's always a BUT...give yourself TIME to enjoy & perfect the decor...have fun!!

  2. That's exciting Jen. I didn't realise this was your blog it!! ingx

  3. Thanks for your comments and reassurance! I just ordered the dining room chairs. Yippeee!