Friday, October 9, 2009

Interior Design Course

I have decided to do an Interior Design and Decorating course to help me gain the knowledge and experience I need to take this love of writing and interior design to the next level.

Choosing which course to do is the tricky bit. The Interior Design Institute seems to offer a very professional and sleek online course, while there is a new Design School in Varsity Lakes offering short courses on campus on Saturdays. The contact with real people does appeal to me, but I would have to wait until next year before I could start that, whereas the online course I could start anytime and pace myself.

The commitment of attending each week is probably a good thing for me as I sometimes have a tendency to start things with great gusto and then lose momentum somewhere around teh halfway point. Adam thinks the on campus course is the way to go and is fully supportive of the idea. So I guess next year I will embark on the course and in the mean time continue to read and read and read!... and sometimes write!

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